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Full Name 4225 - Kingdom Hearts - 358-2 Days (U)(M2).7z
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Region USA
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How can you play multiplayer?!?!?!
While it may lack Recoded/Re-Coded/Re:Coded's graphics or easy-to-use deck, 358/2 Days is still a great game and has one of the best multiplayer modes to be found in a DS game (it should be noted, that unlike some ROMs, when played on my R4, the multiplayer worked). The Spell system can be a bit annoying (think navigating through a menu on the top screen while dodging attacks), but the shortcut feature helps. One of the more intense storylines, but still quite enjoyable (assuming you read up on the wikis or play KH2 to know what happens next) nonetheless. And the dual-wielding segment of the finale is one of my favorite videogame moments of all time.