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Full Name 3787 - Pokemon - Edicion Platino (S).7z
Filesize 21.2 MB
Region Spain
Can Download No



what´s the difference of pokemon platinum and pokemon diamond ???
I love this game (im spanish) but it dosn´t run on my r4
wait a minute why only english postsk if the game is in spanish??
I wonder why this rom is significantly smaller than the U version. What did they take out?
Really we play pokemon and thad is not someting actually we play since gold and silver but i play it in english everytink translade from esnlglish to spanish sucks
Pokemon is a worldwide franchise, is obvious that spanish people plays it. Besides, japanese people can say "oh, so english people plays pokemon?" since the game came from japan xD
Will my U sav work with this?
I dont really know what people think about us Spanish... We started translating videogames long time ago and almost every videogame nowadays is translated into Spanish since there are more than 9 millions of players in Spain. That makes 1 every 5 people who plays videogames...
Guess some people have a pretty weird idea of how us spaniards are? When it comes to gaming we are no different than people in the US or UK.
Hindi is third? I always said Spanish, but it makes sense. As for the Spanish liking Pokemon, I don't think it's that surprising at all. We probably translate and show more Japanese cartoons in Spain than many of the other countries in Europe. I can think of a few cartoons from Japan that I've only ever seen in Spain.
Spanish one since it's the second most spoken language besides English its actually the 4th, 1st is mandarin, then english, then hiindustani then spanish, but yeah they should make a spanish one