Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
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Good music, great graphics, awesome gameplay. it'll be worth my while
Good game! thanks!
Lufferly, in my opinion final fantasy 4 beats chrono trigger. Other than that nothing beats chrono trigger. It's not a third person shooter, is it? Does it changes gameplay after a while?
Oh my gosh his voice, why? Why?! W-why would they do that... Must..find undub... Other than that, an absolutely fabulous and underrated game. It's one of the best RPGs I've played on the DS. (Nothing can beat Chrono Trigger..)
Definitely one of the BEST NDS games I've played so far.
Hey Guys, Just been playing this game last night. It is absolutely awesome. It is an RPG game similar to that of the final fantasy games as far as random encounters and battles and stuff are performed. Really a game designed for hard-core RPG players but not TOO tricky for newer gamers to pick up and play without difficulty. Would really recommend giving this game a try.
OMG, the dub is atrocious O\_O the main character sounds like he's on speed and everyone else is just so...superficial o\_O
Does it work on r4 and TTDS??????
Suikoden Tierkreis is a good RPG game. While it is similar to most RPGs out there, what I found really interesting is the Trade Goods system, which I believe sets it apart from the rest. Though only a minor game mechanic, it pretty much allows you to earn large amounts of money simply by going through the towns - which you will do anyways. The game itself is BIG on memory, and a bit costly in terms of points, but it is worth it.
I love this game, but it is not without a single major flaw (and a few minor flaws that I am too in love to notice.) The Dubbing is horrendous, and since I could not endure it long enough to see if it gets better like some people say, I instead opted for the undub version found through a torrent. English/French/Other EUR languages with the superior japanese audio, including the superior japanese title song. Keep in mind that I am no otaku or japanophile, it's just that the English dubbing really is bad (at least at the beginning, don't know about later) and since there is no option to turn off the voice acting, I went for the language I don't understand in hopes it would be easier to ignore, and it's working. In other news, the world map is one of those "pick the location from the map" kinds of things, not a true overworld like in FF and DQ, but I tolerate it in this game because of the extra work they put into the graphics. Actual hand painted backgrounds FTW! Of course, the 3d models are sub-ps1 quality, but this is the DS, and they are at least recognizable. Also, the calendar system in the game would have been more difficult to pull off if they had used a day/night cycle, so it's fine the way it is. I have not gone that far into the story yet, but it's starting to look epic where I left off. So if the other reviews are true, this game is truly epic. In conclusion, buy it, but don't play the cart you buy, just use the undub rom unless you actually like the voices.
Great game You will love it if you have enjoyed the Final Fantasy games. But pretty Big game 256MB!!!