Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 173.9 MB
Region USA
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Just wanna said thx for the ROM very nice game, i love it xD
The best RPG in DS! many character, good gameplay, nice story, and great background music! for those who like RPG, this game is very good!!!
Hey, cool game! i already finished this
It doesn't work,most of the game that i downloaded here is not workin..waste of time to download here......most of the gamethat i downloaded is an RPG games...
I've decided to move on and play another game before playing this one. I think there may be some better games to use my time with first. The game is beautiful, there isn't any slow-down during fights and the story is great, but there are things I just don't like. 1. There isn't a map for dungeons, and I get lost very easily, so I end up going the wrong way... a lot. This wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a random attack every few steps. 2. I don't like the save system. RPGs are known for having "save spots", but on the DS I usually have to quit playing suddenly, and cannot run to a save area. This causes a lot of problems for me. 3. They seemed to get rid of the grinding that most rpgs have, which is a great thing, but at the same time it's a huge disadvantage. You usually cannot leave a town without fulfilling the mission, or storyline, which keeps you from going into a monster populated area to level or collect items. I like collecting items, because I like to sell them and buy the best equips for my people. The game is actually easy enough that you do not need to buy the best every time, but I just like doing that. 4. The voice acting. Many people agree, and while you can switch it to the undubbed version, I think they should have worked harder on the English version. And so this is a great game. Good story, fun, but I haven't played a few other DS rpgs, and so I'll come back to this one. Cheers.
Please help...cant play on my ds...im using ttds....other say that i must update my flash cart/firmware but i dont know how to do it...what will i do? thanks for helping...
Best ds game ever.... everyday i come home i always play it at firs, it took me 1 week to finish, good game
Suikoden Tierkreis. Awesome game but is always disapearring. Maybe i'll try kingdom hearts. :(
AWESOME GAME im stuck tho lol Im not that good at RPG on DS lol But is very fun its kinda like Final fantasy were u control 1 person around a world! if u dont get u will b acting a lil silly LOOOL
Well this is a ok game. I mean it's kind of like Final Fantasy but with differnet story. It also got a good movie and voice acting. If you like Final Fantasy, you like this game. 8/10
Awesome game, just started. but i do hate how the main character talks super fast and never stops, even at a period
I allready finosh this game the ending is so bored