Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
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Wasnt expecting much from this but omg! this is a must for any rpg fan great characters story and gameplay nearly on par with ff4 ds
Great game.. a bit funny though in the end part, lol
Well done game.. and to those who dont have enough points to dload it: howabout you WAIT a few days b4 pressing dload, lol. just a tip. PS: lawl... 100'th comment.
Uhmmm... wow... cute graphics,,, wanna try these one... love suikoden games like in ps2....
A great game! It's the first time I've played a Suikoden game and I am incredibly happy. The story is epic and well told, though I did wish for a more complex battle system. Everything else, I think is great! It reminded me of the first time I played the Zelda and Final Fantasy games. Overall excellent! I hope they release a sequel!
10/10 great game i recommend this game to all rpg lovers
Suikoden is a really a good game..
NICE game i give 10 thumbs up for this i really love this game
Help i completed the game and did everything but i dont no how 2 do wi-fi i have looked everywere on the but i cant find it also this game is amazing but has a rubbish ending were u carnt do anything and wait about 20mins 4 the credits 2 end plz some 1 tell me how to do wi fi
Cool game, but this is a bad suikoden :( :( :(
THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING GAME! the voice acting is great! i mean you hardly have to read, so much voice! why cant they do this to all DS games! Lots of cutscenes and a great story! Whats not to like, get it, its adictive to
Just downloading it today... I think its good because a lot of people said so... Is this better than FF?