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One of the best rpg's on the DS. Cracking little game!!
i'm such a big fan of suikoden games since ps1 to ps2, and even here ahahaha
This game is awesome. I recommend it with all my heart and soul. Divine edge ftw! I got a suikoden skin for my EVo, Its awesome :)
One of the best games on the DS i've played. The only thing i find annoying is that they all talk too fast O.o 10/10
Gaaah when this game starts out they introduce about millions of different mysteries that are shed to light throughout the story. A great game with an engaging storyline that guarantees no grinding for a long time to kill a boss and advance the plot. Loooove it
well, i got this game, and i have to say i do like it. i like the flow of the battles. i have been looking for another RPG for a while and this helped fill the void!
Nice game by itself but.... It doesn't follow or continue the ORIGINAL series. I feel ashamed its even called a Suikoden. I've played all Suikodens except the Card Stories and by far this one seems to blow harder than my leafblower. -.- But serioulsy by itself its really good but adding "Suikoden" in front of it and expect us veterans to like is pure rubbish. Comeon there's not even an introduction to a new true rune or ties to the ORIGINAL just some "alternate" universe in the same world? Personally, I'm still waiting for Suikoden VI and I hope its no way near compared to something like this. I wonder if they're stalling for time until they can get that guy that lft during the middle of S3's development.
VERY worth the download. Everyone should get it!
Well, it's great to find this game, finally... I've been willing to try this one. Heard pretty nice comments about it. People said good things specially about the ending... That is a great one... =) So I'll try it out ^^
i downloaded this a while back so i cant remember the story because i resently played ff3 and i keep getting them mixed up. ill have to play it again tommorow but it is a really good game from what i rember. something about books and stars. its just what you would expect from a japenese RPG.
is this a good game
i like this game wey seriously!!!