Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 173.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Great game almost completed after 20 hours. Hardcore RPG fans may not like is very easy. I have only died once...
the games good all right, but im bout to blow up! just how do people run these days? xD
This is an epic of an RPG, one of the best on DS... which really means you should sell your DS, buy a Playstation 3 and wait for final fantasy 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3... but if youre agaisnt that play this game! I definitely recommend it.
Suikoden Tierkreis plays well on the Rom, but the original game graphics are an eye sour. Sometimes the game feels like it's moving slightly slow, and the sounds lags itself a few times. The dialogue scenes, whether it's spoken or read, is just plain awful, which matches the visuals perfectly. But don't take my word for it, perhaps you may like it better than I did. Like I said, the rom is good for what it is, it's the game that leaves much to be desired.
the BEST Ds game ever!!
Nice umm.. game but i dont like the graphics, rather play in like, pics than crappy 3d graphic, almost as bad as in my old phone thats from 1999
When you stucks on yhe game, why not checking http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/game/952637.html
Perfect game! if you own a ds...get it now!
WOW! huge file..but then again its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
One of the best rpg i've played on the Nintendo DS so far. The graphics are nice, the music is great and the story is good. Worth the download.
i loved this game to death it was my favorite rpg for the nintendo ds but at the end it crashes for me so now im sad :(
It Reminds me abit of FFCC Echos of Time? I love games like that Thanks a Bunch Romulation!