Full Name 3593 - Suikoden - Tierkreis (U)(M3).7z
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ugg, me and this game have a love-hate relationship, the first few hours i didn't like the game, but i just had this urge to play it anyway, now i like it and want to play it. my opinion: don't get this game unless you have alot of time on your hands, its a long game in the first place, but you never want to stop once you start.
Great game playing it now for 14 Hours still not at the end worth downloading for sure its a must have game for people who like roleplaying games games on the ds
does this work on emulators like no$gba
I hate it..... absolutely hate it! Why does this game have to be SO DARN AMAZING!? This is easily one of the best games i've ever played (is not the best). Yes... the main character does speak rather fast but still, at least this game has voices for the dialogue for the majority of the game. :) I definetly RECCOMEND this game to EVERYONE WHO LIKES LONG GAMES! I would've of known about this game if it wasn't for Romulation, so thanks a ton guys ^^
I randomly found this game and thought I'd give it a try IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!! I've been playing for like 3 days straight. The graphics are really well done but the best part is the storyline. It's really well done and detailed plus the cut scenes and voice acting are also great. (Even though yes, the main character talks as fast as a chipmunk wtf.) Yeah, it's kind of hard to die in battle but overall this is still a great game. I give it a 10.
is there any sequel of this game in the DS? if not i hope they make one!
I love this game! Though the gameplay is easier than other RPGames, the storyline is just great! I love how its inclined on the story through cutscenes and dialogues :) I've spent more than 50 hours to get millions, recruit all 108 starbearers AND talk to each of them EVERY timeline! Talk about taking my time :)) Good thing its vacation... *whistles* And, the game works fine! It ran very smoothly in my DS ;) No crashes, no lag whatsoever :3 By the way, I wonder.. some of the posters said that the ending was crappy... Maybe they got the "bad" ending instead of the usual one? ;) If only I knew it has an alternate ending I should have saved the game before that "decisive" moment hahaha :))
OMB this is one of the BEST rpg's i've ever played!!! its like a mix of final fantisy, dark cloud and AWESOME combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i highly recomend this game!!! its fun and one sad part in it made me cry!!! its the best!!!
Great RPG!Quite heart warming, even though the main character talks a little too quickly, but it works fine for me! Super great!! Inspires me to finish it! 10/10!! And the cutscenes are great too!
I'm gonna second shofa and say the mc talks waaaay too fast. Like...to the point where I don't think I've heard someone talk that fast in person ever. He's like hyped up on caffeine in the first scene.
Cool Game.. cant wait to play... i hope its level same as final fantasy 3 or 4...