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Full Name 3504 - Avalon Code (U).7z
Filesize 58.1 MB
Region USA
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Very nice game, I've only played for a few days, but I like the uniqueness of the book. I'm not like a 24/7 player, so I'm slower than other players I know, but I really enjoy the music and the story of the game.
@mime Try another emulator? Donate to upgrade the no$gba faster? Wait for the upgrade? E-mail the no$gba author to fix it? Learn how to use the debugger so you can do it yourself? Play another game while something comes up? Buy an actual Nintendo DS and consider buying an R4 as well? Stop playing games and start to live a healthy relationship? Find a better thing to do rather than playing or spamming on forums? That is only to begin with, believe me there are still more options than rather spamming on forums. You could use your spam skills and blog something? Not trying to be a hipocrite, but I had the same problem but I'd rather find something else to do/play rather than waiting for this to fix up. Sorry for my long ass post and cheers for romulation. Good Game and Game Over. My 2 cents. And I hope everyone recover the time for reading this nonsense.
At a certain point, when the book levels up about 4 or 5 times the code screen gets larger, giving you more freedom with your code.a And some things need that larger surface to be made (ant feelers as one of them) When you get the broadsword the game gets even more interesting... I feel like cloud lol!
Highly entertaining. I love games that take a chance with something new, TWEWY for example. This seems a little less polished then that game, but its still helluva worth it. I recomend this, to anyone suffering from lack of something new. Although is release date was a pain. I would have loved to see this in a few more months, so I didn't have ten games in around a month that I can't possibly all buy. Thank god for ROMs. x.x
This kind of gameplay is rare and pretty good, the use of the book is original which makes the game unique and different from the others,it brings also a new gameplay as i said which will increase fun and distraction in the game.
Im back, after playing it for about 2 hours now im thoroughly enjoying it 4.5/5 because nothing's perfect but this sure is close. Changing the code for monsters is really fun, meaning you can make it harder or easier to kill things. Still don't understand the book levelling up really =/ But all in good time i suppose. working on an R4 with 1.18 firmware quite nicely =]
Ya nice, BTW it's kinna hard when you reach d chapter after d 'tornament'... i spend hours to find all those spirits, n got oni 3 recover.....
It's a great game, screwing up weapons and monsters is fun and strangly addicting... 10/10 whOOOO
Pretty fun game. I'm quite impressed with the 3D models. The optional scenes with potential love interest was amusing. So far, run very well on my Acekard 2.
Awsome game. Love that there coming out with more 3d games. only issue i have with it is during the war as i follow past the cifside with the dinos on it the whole game freezes. trying to fix that now by switching the game file to one from somewhere else. Useing an R4.
Have played this for a few hours the fighting is simple just press the button several times to kill the monsters although they come alive though and you have to repeat boring. the book looks to be interesting as you can mess about with the weapons and monsters abilities a bit like neverwinternights where you can upgrade your weapons armour etc. the other sprites look like add ons and there is lots of blank space pou have to travel through to gert anywhere. I give it a 6 for gameplay and a 7 for trying to do omething different with the book. Sitting on the fence to say if its worth your bandwith to download.
Works on r4 1.18 but sucks, main character boy looks like a duck.