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Full Name 3504 - Avalon Code (U).7z
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good game ???
i am alway willing to try a new ds game and shall do such becouse ive herd things about avalon code
From what I've tried of this game, I really love it 8D Especially how you can change the attributes of people and monsters. However, my save file keeps getting corrupted, apparently, and I've replayed the beginning at least 5 times. The longest game I've played has been about an hour and twenty minutes, but again, whenever I save and come back, it keeps deleting my save file. Am I the only one experiencing this?
Cant help but see that its kinda final fantasyish. Anyways, the grapics are good there is just one thing that was totall awsome with this game and that is the battle system, its not turn based or anything its pure action. For anyone recommended who loves roleplayinggames
i downloaded this game just because you were able to hit people with a book
This game was so good that I went ahead and bought it. I really like this game. Yes, it can get tedious and a bit aggravating with all the dungeons, flipping through the book, filling up the book, changing codes, etc. but overall it's pretty good. I love that I don't have to waste money on weapons, armor, items and so on like most other rpgs I play. All I have to do is scan things with the book and find the codes to make the weapons. I like being able to customize weapons/armor and change between weapons/armor and you can do this all during battle and you can also mix up which weapons you hold at the same time - get to choose which hand holds what in any combo. Like some said before, flipping through the book to find codes and change codes is a pain but a very cool concept. Character relationships are very intricate. Game is fun yet challenging. Haven't played much of anything else since picking up this game. I would give it a 7/10. A sequel with easier book navigation and overall better game refinement would be great!!
i started this, and it was awsome... untill i learnt a move that uses the same button as 'examine', and so, when i try to 100% the book, and need to searche every room for between one and maybe five different objects which can be 3 pixels in size, shares a sprite with various other items (a specific grass sprite in a field for example), and every time you try to examine, you do an attack which may only take about half a second, but gets VERY frustrating within about a minute if you don't care about 100%ing the book, then enjoy, otherwise i advise looking up a guide, or using an AR code to get 100% map exp, though this may cause problems
thanks for another great game but before i click on download this baby can i ask if it works on no$gba 2.6? if there are any bugs what do i have to do make it work?
i played it and its pretty nice you can choose: boy or girl and you got a book forgot teh name lol and you can made things with that book and edit ppl i cant tell TRY IT ITS AWESOME ! lol im a child and i liked it 11 years sorry for my english im dutch D:D:D:D actually im turkish but who cares AWESOME GAME BUT IM STUCK CANT GO FURTHER ITS PRETTY HARD.. :( Like a maze..
This game is refreshingly different from the old premises of adventure/rpg games. If fact its sort of an all in one game, with its puzzles and nice story board, the battles and the leveling up of weapons, this game never bored me, it was a breath of fresh air. Its very enjoyable and it got me hooked!
Game time, i think i've been playing this about a week. It is a very different game, if sometimes very tedious (flipping through the book a lot looking for codes) So, obviously, I've enjoyed playing it! Hope that there are more similiar to this in DS future.
awesome yooo :P i love how u can take the monsters' powers off and put them on other stuff funnyy pretty kewl for guys and girls