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Full Name 3504 - Avalon Code (U).7z
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Region USA
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I have this for DS and played it to death. It makes me so excited to be able to play the rom version on my phone. I love the game play and storyline. I wish they came out with a sequel or a game similar to it
mantabsss..gua dah sampai chapter 8 tapi susah seruuuuuu!!!! i love prince dorothy<3
I think that this is one of the best games I have ever played! I just have one problem with it. I know it's not a dating sim or anything, but you'd think something would happen after you and the boy/girl get together! I finished the main storyline and am with Anwar. Gave him present after present after present to get him. Saved him from the book. He wants to be together with me forever! And then... nothing. No hugs, no anything! "Apparantly" according to Vis (love adviser) we're lovey dovey! But he acts like he always did, no change or anything! Is there something I was supposed to do, or is it just bad romance storyline? Apart fom that, this game is the best. I hope they have a sequel of when the new world gets the book! :)
I think this game is par with Kingdom Hearts well that's what I think...
There better be a sequel! I'm one of those people who injoy switching codes and stuff. I have a favorate sord and stuff lol.
hm... can someone give me explanation about this game?? i never play this game before...
Hey is this one the english version?? i didnt get to finish the game since im playing the japanese version..
Ryanstorm,I dont think so,look at the pics,anyway,do we get partners??????!!!!!!
is this a game that takes turns hitting each other?
hmm seem like i am the last one to play this game? i sure wish this game is nice even reading the praising comments given.
Avalon Code is an action role-playing game with an innovative mechanic that lets you instantly modify the world through the use of a magical tome. The game holds some initial promise but is bogged down by tedious dungeon filler, mindless button mashing, and a general lack of refinement. While it's not a painful experience, Avalon Code is a thoroughly mundane adventure despite some interesting, but poorly implemented concepts. ~Gamespot has given a 3/5 in rating.
hi the games is soo cool is like fainal fantasy and like rune factory and it rpg games soo is not bad it all