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Full Name 2783 - My Japanese Coach - Learn a New Language (U).7z
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And as SHARON pointed out, the speaker is Japanese. The section where you LISTEN and choice answers is really good! Thats something I didnt mention. The fact that you can HEAR and not just read words ... this is a major difference in this language tool. watasimo~ doumo - thanks romulation! ELDRA - good eye // "ou" is used often in romaji -- which rules do change at times on how to spell out. Its there to help those familiar with say english words, to pronounce a word correctly. "ou" or "o-" REMEMBER ... Japanese is NOT based on ROMAN ALPHABET. Another good thing in this game ... it WILL bring you to read/focus on Japanese "alphabet"/kana ... versus relying on somewhat misleading romaji with english roman alphabet A-Z. Get away from that romaji folks!! ^-^
(editing due to other comment) As one living in Japan for a decade, and with a Japanese spouse, and as an english speaker, I find this "game" worth the time! Of course it will not give you indepth college course lessons, but it WILL get you confident and on your way to writing, speaking, understanding Japanese. You even can get your "feet wet" with kanji. My Nihongo instructor was very impressed with this s/w and if you use this game THOROUGHLY, you will have confidence to continue on in Japanese studies. THUMBS UP! and "makenai" ... dont give up! ANY resource/information that is correctly presented is a help. Give this one a go!
I'm learning Japanese at school and am going there later this year. I hope this game'll help me out.
thank you, now i can understand my friends when they randomly start talking in japanese [:
Is there a korean version one?? very hard to find it =X This game is GREAT!
love this game, so easy to understand. for those who want to study japanese, this game will help you alot.
This game is awesome. I really like how you can learn to speak it properly as well.
in the first picture it says Sayounara but im certain its spelled sayonara
This is great! I love Japanese language... Thanks a lot.. :)
Now I can (hopefully) understand the new Professor Layton and Pokemon games! Thats the only reason I got this!
so far this game is really good
I'm not sure for beginners but coming from a student in Japanese class, this mostly serves as a practice. It's a little disappointing for more advanced students or speakers in that you can't get higher on the placement test. I got the maximum score and had to do a lot of review work before it introduced new things. It's okay for learning SOME vocab and review but I wouldn't go flaunting it unless I get it cross-checked first.