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Full Name 2705 - Disgaea DS (U).7z
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Region USA
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I have played it once and will not download it again for a simple reason: I've played for 200 hours, and it will be too much to do again I just wanted to comment the game, because it is not a normal game you play, finish in 20 hours, and then there are an extra or two the story itself changes as you unlock different scenarios using the demons court (don't remember the name, sorry), I literally made the MC reach lv 4000-something, if you download it remember to don't leave it until you have unlocked everything, seriously
I would recommend this game for anyone, as the makers have put it mixtures of tense situations, and funny situations, and the gameplay is full and enjoyable, and even if it is completed, this is still much to do, as in defeating the 13 extra bosses through the bills that unlock extra areas from the dark assembley. The dark assembley system is also a important and fun aspect of the game. It involves a character using "Mana" which is gained from killing monsters (I am not sure how its calculated but I think it is to do with the level) and than putting in a request. You would than be transfered to a screen were you could bribe senators, return to the castle without any refund on the mana spent or you could start the vote. The bill successeds if the bar at the side is filled MORE than halve. Humour is also present throughout the game, through the audio cutscenes at the end of each chapter, and through characters such as Mid-Boss. The plot of the game can seem confusing slightly, only when Lamington is talking to a unseen person, which add a twist in the plot, as you realize that they are planning something. There are plenty of hidden characters which require a certain thing to be done, such as getting the a mage of each element to a level. If you kill a "Monster" creature, you can play and summon it, but if you kill more of the monster, the mana cost is decreases. For "Humunoids", you need to get them to a level, and than a newer version with better stat growths is there. There are also two modes, one in which you play as Laharl (normal mode) and one in which you play as Etna (secret mode). The storys follow the same plot, but how the characters interact with each other are differnt. There are 8 endings for Laharl and 2 for Etna, but they are not very obvious. The endings can also take place in different parts of the game. HOWEVER, I think that leveling to be able to beat the strongest boss in the game (which is level 4000) while the end boss of the main story (level 80) is very hard. There is also a multiplayer mode which i havent tried yet, and I think it appears in the room with the coffin next to the throne room at chapter 5 or 6, which is slightly hidden and I did not find it until I started looking for rooms and anyone to talk to and things. I would give this a 8/10 and I would recomend it to anyone who likes tactical role playing games, or even to people who dont like them.
i know the its a stupid question but,whats the diffference between disgaea ds (europe version) and this? is it the same game with another name or is it entirely another game?
Absolutely love this game! Disgaea is my favorite series ever! Disgaea never gets old. Anyone know of any similar games?
!!For saving problem using DS Linker!! In case of saving problem with the DS Linker, just switch the save type from AUTO to 4MB. 2 MB could also work but some errors may occurs in the future. To switch the save type, just highlight the game in the menu, hold Select and move to left or right.
Just to dispell any rumors you CAN save your game
This is the best JRPG eva. I think I wasted too much of my life on it though =O.
The game is light hearted and plays much like FF Tactics A2 in the sense of leveling abilities.
I have this game (and the second) on my PSP and the third on my PS3 and I love the series! Can't wait to download!
This is now my favourite Game for the DS!!!!!! Its defo worth tryin!!!!! Can't wait untill me DSI XL Comes Tomorra so i Can play this on it!!!!!!
umm, is this the same as Disgaea DS?
graphics keep messing up on no$gba Im useing WinDSpro