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Full Name 2596 - Digimon World Championship (U).7z
Filesize 12.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



oh yes the digimon world ds , and yes dusk and dawn are quite good , I had to restart a few times After figuring out stuff that I needed to know a lot sooner lol
this game is very nice i especially like the catching digimon part
You just suk... On my opinion Digimon Championship is the best Digimon game for Nintendo DS... Have 2 of them original and a rom
theres a cheat that allows you to play as a digimon
i love digimon and im 13 its real fun and better than pokemon
whoever said that you can be too old for digimon, pokemon, etc is a moron. If you don't do what you like because of other peoples opinions then you will never be happy :)
i tried playing the game and not working
This game wasn't what I expected. All you do is train your digimon randomly, wait for it to digivolve...who knows when its gonna happen, and which digimon its gonna be(I had a kyubimon, fire attribute. It evolved into a giant-tree digimon, plant attribute. And no, I never put it into the field to raise plant attribute or something.), and just WATCH it fighting. There's nothing you can do during fights, and their AI is very lame. Even on support mode, they don't seem to help each other, and most of times they die without spending their TP, weakening the whole team. If you choose the same team and try to rematch, the same thing will happen over and over, your digimon will die on the same order, killed by the same attacks, without spending their TP on healing, proving that the battles are just "movies", with actions controlled by the CPU. Days are too short, you must prepare your crew within a month to obtain success. Hunting is a pain, I had all tools upgraded, and couldn't catch Rookie-level digimon, because my rope just won't drop their HP. Traps cannot be used, even if bought from the shop, it can't be used during hunts, because they vanish mysteriously(maybe a just a rom problem, I never played the original game though). Anyway, if you like virtual pet games, non-interactive battles, and evolutions beyond human comprehension, this game is perfect for you. Have fun!..Or not.
44 and still playing digimon, pokemon, megaman and yugioh and don't plan to stop till the day i die
guys to start the game on no$gba change the gba backup media to eeperom8kbytes and nds backup media to fram32kbytes
i don't really get this game u don't control the digimon it does it by itself
AWESOME!!! I have been waiting ages for this game my fav digimon is Gatomon and Biyomon