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Full Name 2384 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 58.5 MB
Region USA
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If you like GBA Tactics. Then you'll like this one. My only problem with this version however, is that i hate the main character! His personality is just a bit too much for me... =S 8/10
It works fine on my nocash gba emulator.
This game doesnt work on my emulator (Nocash GBA Emulator) i no its a ds emulator because i have other games on it that work but this one doesnt seem to work for some reason??? Could someone please post a comment with a link to somwhere i can download the emulator it works in??
A lot better then i expected it to be. already go 44 hours on it and i still havn't beaten it as i spent much of that time working on my main character. a duel wielding paladin with seer ability's for back up. hell yeah.
PsiRedEye22 writes "The best game for the DS. Fuck advance wars." WHAT DID ADVANCE WARS DO TO YOU :)
Guys, what emulator did you use for this one?? I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance..ÃÅ“
Love this game the most :D a must for FF fans !! amazing graphics!! long game play! :D so much variety in everything (equipment, missions, classes, characters, activities) :D
This game so cool! Square Enix is the best
Great game so far, much better than the first FFTA on GBA, and the graphics are pretty amazing! The judges don't seem as annoying and hopefully later on it doesn't get too crazy with rules.
Poo - "Why do you guys like platformers" This is not a "platformer". Crash Bandicoot and the likes are "platformers". This is a Tactical RPG.
Definitely my best liked game ever!!!.... even though I still miss being able to hunt the monsters and then turn into them (features from FFT for the GBAdvance) FELICIA.
Its very gamelike