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Full Name 2384 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift (U)(M3).7z
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Region USA
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im recent! Sooooooo your not suposed to trim it?
i have won this game...........BEST GAME EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
this game is soooooo cooooool!
hells yea thanks, FFT series just always does the best grid style.
This is a fantastic game, but fans of FF Tactics Advance, beware. In my opinion, this game does NOT measure up. The only thing I thought was missing from FFTA was a system to tell you which stats would be effected by gear in comparrison with the gear you already have on. The dressing room fixed this, and I was happy. HOWEVER, they've screwed the law system over, as now laws are bound into the mission, and will be the same every time. In Advance, with a bit of planning ahead, you could use the laws to your advantage. In A2, the laws are static (which is both boring and annoying) and do not affect your opponents (which is stupid) One other thing I did not like was the fact that now the "facings" have nearly no impact on your probability to hit. I only lose one or two percentage points when attacking the front, it's not enough to make complex manouervering worth it. To deviate from the technical issues I didn't like, I also have found the storyline to be not up to par with FFTA. The FFTA story was very involving, I felt drawn into it. A2 is still good, but it just doesn't have the same enjoyment factor. Perhaps it will evolve better as I progress into the game, but the first half(ish) is still just not as good as FFTA. All in all, this is still an excellent game, and I was over the moon when I found it. I heartily recomend downloading it, playing it and loving it. You're not going to find a better srategy game on the DS, and probably not on any other console (FFTA is excluded for the reasons outlined above ;-) ) But afterwards, go and play FFTA. I think it's better. P.S. The best feature of this game compared with FFTA is that they've got rid of the snowball fight tutorial (should have been skippable) and the cowlick (thank goodness)
this game is greater than FF tactics advance
Nice game to be honest, I just got stuck at pearl hunting.
YAY!!! i can finally download this game!! i love it! :D thanks romulation!
the storyline sucks. but the gameplay sure have improved alot.
I think this is one of the best strategy games out there, along with Fire Emblem. FFTA2 has a pretty good graphic sequence for attacks and skills, distinct characters, and also a lot of freedom to explore the contents of the game. You can take clan trials, sort of taking on these tests by the Judge to earn clan abilities/ranks. You can take on quests besides the main story-line and earn items, jobs, skills, etc. You can make equipments from loots you collect. You can change jobs and customize skills and abilities. And ***SPOILER*** you run into Vaan and Penelo from Final Fantasy XII. I've never played that game but the cameo appearance is exciting nonetheless. I think the story is very good, especially once the main character runs into the Kahmja for the first time. I think leveling is quite easy because you always have other quests that you can take that are usually easier than the storyline quest. Also, there are roaming monsters on the map that you can meet to gain a few extra experience. The music is quite good too, although a bit disappointing quality for a DS. Unlike Luminous Arc-like games, the music still sounds like an old OST quality. Still good.
THIS Game is frggin awesome i hade this game then i lost it.=[ But i have the acecard so i can play nonstop ! this game is really awesome!
I thought the only difference is this having 3 languages, instead of 4 like the E version. Guess I was off.