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Full Name 2384 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 58.5 MB
Region USA
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This game is Awesome but the first Final Fantasy Advance tactics rulz dont know why but this game doesnt have the same attraction but i recommend everyone to download it
i agree with crazy_fish on like... 300 levels they really did screw up the laws.... i hate that the laws don't effect the enemies >:( sometimes i'd rather the judge would just butt out i don't need you're plus 2 power boost if im not allowed to hit more then 20 motha$#%$36 yet if the enemy hits more then 20 its alright -_- its a good game... but i like the first one better
the whole battle system is almost like FFXII:Revenantwings but i think XII:revenantwings is loads better in graphics, music and even difficulty
the game rules you should download it
are this game can playing on DesMuMe 9.5 ??? or there is a better emulator..... tell me please
help guys after i create a name and answe the summer questions or whatever, it becomes a black screen
Im going to try dispactching a team for Regarent run. I think that the Send people quests don't work. i tryed with an untrimed rom and it still doesnt work. Mabye it's the firmware. I agree with most of the comments the the law is unfair. *HINT* 1 FFT person will appear after finishing the game and finishing the 3 cups and then recurited in a quest
hey, i've been playing this game on the R4 but the game freezes sometime... it usually happens when a Ranger uses a trap ability help?
hello this is a really nice game :)
did you know a blue mage can learn moves from a monster?????
im recent! Sooooooo your not suposed to trim it? My problem is that the game keeps on freezing at quests. Here my list: Regarent Run (freezes when making move) Wanted : Shiny Maces (i cant actually hand in my green mage in) more to come (after re-downloading) if i double post sorry