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Full Name 2384 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 58.5 MB
Region USA
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The game will keep you playing for hours, but expect to see a few repetitive jobs later in the game. While playing the game to the very is highly indulging, the post-game (especially after you complete the Moon Towers) will leave you hanging due to a lack of new jobs or extra side-quests. Still, very great game that will encourage strategy.
This isn't a remake, it's a sequel. It's "similar" to the GBA one because it's on a handheld system. It's probably twice as big as the GBA one, and maybe even bigger than the original PSOne/PSP Tactics game. Anyways, my problem is that when I do one of the very first quests available, the one where you fight that small group of Green Mages and you gain the Green Mage job class after winning the fight, after getting all my winnings and such, I try and save my game, or even go into town to see any other quests or anything of the sorta and it just goes blank to Black Screen, but the music continues to play, as if it's loading up the next screen. Any way to fix this or do I just have a bad file and I should download a new one and replace it on my card? Note: I'm using Acekard 2i on DSi. Thanks.
great series of games, I can't wait to try it! Unfortunately, I'm 2 points short.
i guess its good
I have re-played this game like three times already and each time when i try to load the game the game will say " file corrupted save in this new file" and then my save file is deleted. what i have noticed is that this happens whenever my game freezes cause i drop my ds or something. is anyone one else experiencing anything similar?
thanks you
This appeares to be similar to advance wars but with vthe classic FF depth... Intruiging...
this remake also the smae as GBA.......... not fun at all....... how dissapointed i am....
crazy_fish: Note: IT"S in the ******* Summer! They had to remove it cause snow in July? Crazy but actually works. And what is cowlick? To add on other characters as hints (and by now you should at least be like halfway by now) : You have to trigger an mini quest(don't worry no battling)at the new cotnient
Oh man, this game is so and gfx are a fantastic experience (in a root sense of the word...fanta-stic... you know,fantasy-ish). I hope there will be a sequel with even more features.But dammit,there are so many variables to consider in this game it makes your head spin.It is truly made to suit any type of FF TA player. I never played the first Tactics Advance (actualy i did,but didnt like the snow-ball part of it and skipped it...also because it was emulated and i dont enjoy games as much as on a console.Exception is Final Fantasy 6 on my PSX emulator,that one rulez nontheless ;) ) Back to topic: try it ,i think most of you will like it.It can perfectly compete with PSX version of FF TA game. I'm only on LvL 6 ,but so far i enjoyed it alot. The fights seem to shorten when you progress.In the beginning,it seemed like the fights were never going to end (which is kind of boring at times)... i think it is ballanced most of the time ,for my taste. Cheers,i hope im making any sense since im so friggin sleepy...ZzZz off to bed
the plot is retarded... "oh hey i found a magic book and now i am in a fantasy world! time to pwn!" besides from that, they ripped everything off other similar games, very unoriginal
Final Fantasy Tactics is the best game for the Ds