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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93071
Can Download No



Apparently ... i have heard R4ds have released a new update (v1.17) and they said that they fixed the thank you for playing problem for the american version of this game, but i do not know about the european version.
This game is awesome!
I dont now what its like my sis play's it i dont now if its eny good!!!!!
Works great with the new kernel, the game is fun. However, I will say the voice acting is pretty weak. but that's my only complaint.
Yay for patches! I hope this works seeing as my card still doesn't work with the clean dump. (M3 slot 2)
Thanks! This game is promising, but there is no online multi player... That is kinda disappointing.
Okay for the last time. Make sure you have the latest firmware and do not in ANY way alter the game, that means disable cheats, use a CLEAN, unpatched and untrimmed ROM, anything else will trigger the message. Any more support requests here will be deleted, do as the bold text above the textbox says.
You sure, cuz I did download the 1.17 firmware for the r4 and when I try to finish that quest with Al, getting the moogle plants, it shows me the Thank You For Playing screen. Help?
To play on the M3 Ds Simply all you have to do is download the 1.13 kernel for it
Dstt just had a firmware update that is supposedly supposed to make it work :) go check it out, i'm testing now.
Azmi: We tried for a while, but eventually we just gave up on this one and allowed it. :)
Please note that support will not be given in comments, we have a forum for that. All comments about support will be deleted, comment on the actual game here, for help go to the forum. *Is it just me OR does the rules above are simply not complied with...? Oh, well...*