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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93066
Can Download No



R4 works fine, just update your files to 1.18 (i believe) and you don't get any problems. Verified.
Mine shows the 'thank you far playing' then suddenly i can continue
For all the R4 users look here 865 8 (without the space) its a patch to fix the MoD (Moogles of Death)
I don't know why all of you got problem with the "Thanks you for playing" while its already been fixed by R4 team (R4 only) to fix the game so it works fine. I play the game until the end with my R4, I only need to update my firmware though.
My R4 is version 2.0 and when I even just try to make the game start, it just leaves me with a blank, white screen. Anyone know any downloads for the R4 version 2.0?
Square really missed an opportunity in this game when they failed to add a wifi multiplayer option along with the local multi-cart. Would have made the game so much more worth it.
Yeah everytime at the beginning i try to load it up and it just shows a blank white screen
Great Game, Nice Visuals but it seems queer to put a pair of kids as main characters. 8/10 overall.
Hey guys. I found out the problem. My firmware and bios is not updated. Thats why each time I play it language got different. Well, maybe. just maybe. Now I can play it in english. Yahoooooooo. Thank you for giving us this ROM.
What?? I downloaded this file and I got the weird version. Maybe mexican or german or something. Did you realy sure it was english????? Help...I play using No$GBA.
Weird...I'm not quite finished but much of the way through and I've only seen english.
But this game is realy cool even if ur not playing the english version. And thats what make me crazyyyyy. I wanted to know the storyyyyy. Its not fun just to walking aroung blindly without knowing the story. Pleaseeee. Does anyone have a FULLY english ROM for this game??