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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93066
Can Download No



On the oficcial r4 and fake don't have firmware v1.20 that must be a fake but if that kernal is new Im guessing it will work because the lastest is v1.18
Doesnt this rom work for r4 v1.20?
It worked for me so should work for you people I had this ages ago but I deleted it by accident then I went if people on this website was having trouble getting it they were so thae link I send sould work If not please tell me and I will sort something out ok
OGTiago there is something you need to know in web browder write Because there is some other people made a unoficcial web site called r4 team and apparently they can destroy your r4
Thanks, I will try it on R4 1.18
I have version 1.18 on my r4 and it works here is the link Just so You know this is the full game enjoy
My friend and I are having trouble playing Co-op wifi. When ever either of host a game, we both have 0 bars of wifi signal (red). Does anybody know if the rom isn't allowing wifi? I don't think it is the wifi signal at my house, because we are able to play Jump! Ultimate Stars just fine. thanks
I hope i could help! i cand promise you anything But GL to whom ever xD
Weill ive been having the same problem with the "Thank You For Playing Screen". well today my boyfriend was over with his brothers ds. and His Brother Has EZFLASH V i. and i have EZ Flash. well it seemed that it didnt work on mine and worked on his. so i experimented. and i found out that you have to have your kernal or moonshl file up-to-date. in order to play.
Well i having the same prolem when it displayed " thank for playing" i dont know how to fix that : plx help write to my mail ardilla\[email protected] thx.
Yeah... theres a cheat that helps bypass the "Thanks For Playing" thingy
For all those people who get the thanks for playing screen go to and download the cheat file for your flash cart R4=usrcheat.dat - place in \_system\_ Ace card 2=usrcheat.datplace in \_ac2\_ duno how to do the rest but in the cheat file is *no thanks for playing screen*