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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93066
Can Download No



Oh, I dont get it! But if all u guys talking about latest firmware: is it firmware 3.5? I dont know it might be the latest, if so, plz comment seph Ill give the URL where to download @ when u reply if it is... Hope I've helped even just a bit
The unpatched ROM works perfectly on my AceKard 2i with the latest AKAIO firmware.
If it doesn't work, you have to put a By-pass cheat code in your AR thing.. DSTT(i) for example (becuz i have it) has also had a problem with echoes of time (othe ffcc game), so i looked up for a by-pass code... some one on GBAtemp is making a forum with a download full with cheat codes, more then you can copy-paste in a week.. and even with the by-pass code!.. my advice? download it... it's safe, quick and way easier!... and if you have a question like: "what happens to the cheats that i already have on it?".. i answer: "Well... as long as you didn't select any other codes from the new arp file, the old cheats are still all activated!"
Try echoes of time insted then, pretty much the same thing, its a sequel or prequel im not sure
I find this game pretty boring... It has too easy battles, the story line isn't really exciting and you play with a kid.
In my R4, the same thing happens... Maybe this time it will work on my EDGE... I already got past the first boss and I was in the old town, I entered the door and BLAMMO! ... "Thank you for playing!" Appeared. (Damn, I wasted my time on it, y'know? Played for hours just to get my file deleted,)
Beske game ni
Not working on my r4, 1.18 cant save
Strange posts above....... This version problem for cards , emulators ( for this...change the save size...also in r4) or the real one (from shops) :). It's simple awesome. Story, graphic, characters: 10/10.
Well I did it in one go so you wasted your time
Its not a demo, i downloaded it once and in the end it did say thank you for playing so i just redownloaded and it didn't happen again
Cheats just spoil games Dude