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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93066
Can Download No



i downloaded it today and before i started playing it i checked if it had cheats and it did XD !!!! it also had the no "thank you for playing screen " as a cheat . hope it works cause im gonna start playing now!! thanks romulation
Great game, and it's confirmed working 100% with CycloDS Evolution.
Whoosh1 your epic!!! :) Oh and game rocks by the way... slash slash slash
THIS GAME IS AWESOME, i have an r4 ds and nothing wrong with the game! Perfect! tnx romulation =D
Ugh. I'm using TTDS, 1.17, everything works fine up until the Moogle explains battle, the game freezes. I don't get to the "Thank you for playing", or anything. Any fixes yet? I'm dying to play this game.
If your r4 supports cheats then check the cheats and it will show the no thank you for playing cheat. :D thank god for r4
Does it work an Acekard 2i or just acekard or acekard 2? I have an AK2i with the katest DSi firmware which has been patched to support the Acekard. This is a hefty DL and I don't want a demo.
This is a great game i found nothin to fix the game and ive been looking for a long time and also im not good at this stuff anyway. i have found an emulator that plays it stable off of winds pro google it. and i just fount a file where the game is patch where u can save and go to the next city but it dont let you load. now thats the problem im having i need now a copy in which i can save then load. any help is greaty thanks!!! oh the download for the game that is patched so that u can save(but not load :[) if someone can patch this also they might beable to help me also im new to forums so help on what i put in the reply would also be nice
Use the AR code No thanks for playing screen. Or you could go on your website that is written on the package when you got your card. Theres kernels there I guess...
is there a pdf guide that i can get for this game? i want the instruction booklet, and i lost it. i cant figure out how to save. i swear, its gonna drive me nuts.
Ok I have no clue what the crap is firmware and patching and crap so could someone explain it for me? i have the R4 and i want to update the firmware anyway even if this game doesn't work. please explain what patching fimware and any other terms i might need to know. thanks. =)