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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93071
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Jim1990: No you don't have the latest firmware, but even if you did it wouldn't work past the 20 minutes limit. christopher2k7: It's a problem with the flash carts yes, I don't know if it will happen on an emulator too, regardless, I doubt emulators are capable of handling this game at this point.
Is the problem only on a flashcart? i mean if i play in on my pc will that work?
Same with me, after 30 minutes or less shows "thanks for playing" i'm using R4 1.16 kernel
I use the R4 and all I'm getting is a blank screen! It's not working anyway but..have I not got the latest firmware?
To vat2nike... well if you are so desperate to play this game, Yeah you can do that i guess. hah
So about every 30 min. of gameplay, it goes to the screen "thanks for playing?" So does that mean I have to save then turn off the power to reset the 30 min. demo timer, then turn it back on and I'll be able to go through the game (that's if I keep on saving and turning off the power every 30 min.)?
It usually pops up when you move from one place to another and it loads the "thanks for playing" instead of the new place.
It seems that the "Thanks for playing" is triggered on a certain amount of time, because I wasn't even able to get through the first dungeon without it popping up. I did leave my DS on for about 15 minutes during the intro, so that probably ate up alot of my demo time. On top of that I did try the multiplayer mode by myself and once again the thanks for playing came up about 3/4 through the first dungeon. I have an R4; guess i'll have to wait for the firmware update.. i'm currently on 1.16.
From a comment about the Rom posted elsewhere. Guess we're waiting on firmware updates. WORKING WITH: Acekard R.P.G. CycloDS Evolution EDGE M3 Real Supercard DS One (disable patching) NOT WORKING WITH ("Thank you for playing" screens): DSTT M3 Perfect MiniSD M3 Simply R4
On the Ds-x it seems fine...
On my r4 i finished the first boss and then it ends it.
Does anyone know another Rom that DOES work?