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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93071
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Hackers will probably get a way around it lets just wait for a few days. hmm... why didnt the japanese rom apply this new anti piracy measure, talk about biased lol
Brownen It works,but only for the first 20 minutes.It doesn't resolve anything.
Yes, it stinks that many of us have this problem. My guess is that future releases from Squenix may also have anti-piracy things like this embedded in the code as well.
Connect micro flash card to computer window should pop up the card will be assigned so kind of letter will be different for everyone if no pop up go to start menu select computer from right side of panel box will open with all available drives on your computer one will be the flash card you have connected to your computer click on each to view contents untill you find the letter that is your micro flash card once you know which letter is your flash card right click on the letters drive icon and select format a window will pop up select fat32 and begin format this will erase everything of the card so be sure copy everything over to a file on your desk top to copy back when format is complete be sure to have latest r4ds kernel get it here nel-Nintendo-DS/pg/12/fid/15995/catid/24 0 the root directory is simply the first window that opens when you click on flash card drive letter you can create folders on the flash card and place files inside these are sub directories so placing files on a flash cards root directory is simply placing the file on the card without placing it in a folder
Brownen writes Got it working on r4ds reformat and place ring of fate file in root directory(maybe what help the most) Im sorry im not exactly, the best when it comes to this kind of stuff but how do I reformat my R4? Not just that but what is the root of the directory? If you could help that'd be awesome.
You save at a saving point, you need to get a litthe verder
OK so I really like this game and im going to do the whole save every 2o mins or so. I have an M3 Simply and Im in the first cave right now. this is my second time doing it and im going through past the part with the boulder. the first time i did it I got that Thanks for PLaying screen. But now I want to save and open my file again...But I dont exaclty know how to save. DOes anyone here know how to?
Got it working on r4ds reformat and place ring of fate file in root directory(maybe what help the most)
Has been working fine for 40 minutes on my R4 v 1.16 for me... dont know why it is happening for all you lot though
Doesnt work on the G6 Real either. I heard that it may be fixed with DSLazy Kit. can anyone confirm?
I never use my M3 Real, I gave it to my daughter but I guess i will have to borrow it hehe.
I played on the no$gba emulator last night for 6 hours straight and not once did it cut off or get the message. Went to bed got as far as 3rd dungeon.