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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
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Worked on my No$Gba too. Seems the only game I've played worked better on emulator than on a real DS :D
I only download these games so i can play them faster cause i live in the netherlands in europe and we allways have to wait like 3 months like you have ssbb but we will get it over 6 months maby later.
Yeah guys, why not just buy it and play it. And when I say "it", I'm of course talking about CycloDS ;)
Thanks for the G6 patch ^^
@ravenloud. I Agree with you to be fair, Although i dont really want to pay for this game i have saved ALOT of money getting the games off the net then buying them. So buying this odd one is'nt really going to hurt.
Okay, so i updated my flashcart to v1.12 and i finally got this game to work on my M3 simply. all i did was delete the old _DS_MENU and the _DS_MSHL and dragged the new ones in there place. i only did this so i wouldnt have to redo all my personal settings. i "skipped event" but i dont know remember if that was when you name your character. i saved the game after 1 minute of playtime. hopefully i dont get the "thanks for playing" screen.
Well said DarkTakeru. Seriously, think about it, we are downloading and playing these games ILLEGALLY. you are lucky that you can even play most of the games. So I wouldn't wine if I were you, though I agree this is an awsome game. If you guys are so desparate to play it, why not just buy the actual game. The game in stock is flawless.
"Oh boy... that's not fair at all if you ask me... Nintendo is cruel... first they denied us the pleasure of CD and DVD on N64... then they broke off wirh Rare... and now, they let us play a game so fun and easy to play, only to kill it in the second moment you're on it just cuz it's not on a freaking DS cartridge??!" So, wait, Nintendo is evil for attempting to stop piracy now? If they wanted to be nasty, they'd pull an Earthbound and wipe the whole card at a certain point in the game, if it wasn't a standard DS card.
I cant even play the game mine screen got all blank when i star the game and nothing happend and i got the same problem with ben 10 for ds too
Just wait it out, beggars can't be choosers.
This is the full game but you have to keep saving then restart from where you last saved to restart the demo timer.....Which sucks lol. Like you all ive been waiting for this game for sometime and trust this to happen to a game i want lol. Im using a Fire Card and it dont work for me evither, Does anyone know if they do updates for this kind of thing for my flashcard? Thanks.
I'm not techy, all I know is I've got 4 hours in so far. I finished the thired dungeon as well. Everything's working fine. I'm using an M3 Real I bought last month.