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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 93071
Can Download No



Just save as much as possible and you can advance...but be quick
Ok well this game is not a now a level 36 wit 4 characters and very far in the game...u just have to deal wit the fact that it has a protection coding within the system
Oh well this game is worth the $45 but I think its the Online play is what makes it really fun.
Boxxle one is fake, Micronauts release is exact same file as this one. There's nothing wrong with the file guys, just accept that you can't play this game if you've got a cart that patches the ROMs.
I heard the boxxle one doesn't work.
It's the torrent with hash d9c29fb4b9e8d312abf163cf9689064b575ff2ea (google it to find it) It's not a working rom, but I know you're still going to download it, so go ahead :P
Rglover a link would be NICE
I am using EDGE, and I tried to use the latest version OS which is 1.32, and that didn't work. Then I used the old version OS which is 1.2, it worked like a charm (so far). I haven't play it long enough to find out if the "thank you for playing" would come out though.
So i been searching and i have found a working rom. tried it, past the 1st and 2nd dungeon without the thanks for playing sign . It is for anyone who can dl torrents
It's got anti-piracy protection but I believe there is a new cracked rom somewhere with bittorrent that removes the Moogle PWNT screen, I'll see if I can find that somewhere lol
It starts fine on my M3 simply, but I do get the dreaded moogles.
It won't even start on the m3 simply. sigh. it boots a white screen and stays like that.