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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
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EAitken, erase the spaces in masterbleach's link posting
Masterbleach, File not found.
Http:// 99/R4_M3_Simply_Cheat_and_Bug_Fix_by_Ray der.rar You have to patch the DS_MENU.DAT so be sure to make a back up first. After its patched the cheat codes should work. I've played for 50 min so far with no cut out. Only con is that with the no MoD cheat on it may freeze when you go shopping.
WSOD on M3DS with 1.07
Canhchimtudo's file only seems to add cheat codes or something...havnt tried it proplerly...but yeah.
I had a look at it but i dont think this file is a fix. it seems like a bugfix for the R4/M3 for some cheats that aint working. anyone with a R4 or M3 wanna try? it does not contain a virus.
Can anyone confirm if the file canhchimtudo linked too fixes the thank you for playing screen?
Cracker (for the excellent code to disable the "Thanks for Playing" nag screen in FFCC (U) download : n
Wrong! It isn't a cheat to stop the the thank you for playing. It's a cheat to freeze time at '0:00' However it does not stop the thank you for playing.
I guess I should add that someone has posted a cheat file for FFCC: RoF where it disables the MoD (moogle of death screen), you can find it on the GBAtemp site. I haven't tried it out yet but I'll do some testing.
Its a 20-30 min timer or so when that Moogle PWNT screen pops up so try and save often lol
So far on my R4 it seems to be working... How long in the game must it be before the stupid thing keeps coming out?