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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
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Sinfulrebel did you also try multiplayer with friends cause i keep having the error message after 10 minutes
For any and all, I played with Masterbleache's cheat file and I beat the game within 10 hours and no MoD, just so you all know, thanks, Masterbleach
Vat2nike: I've tried. My ISP uses shared IP, so apparently someone (under the same ISP) is already using RapidShare so I can't download. Is it possible to upload it somewhere else or send it to my email?
Vsw1988: read my post. Anyway, I played over an hour of gameplay on my Supercard SD, so for all of you who have this flash cart download the koto-ffccundub-patch.rar. It works :D
That patch definately works, 57 minutes into game no problems, thanks.
EDIT: somehow the dang posting is the cause of the spacing between the letters and numbers. Just delete the spacing.
Wait how exactly do i paste that file and just play without the screen? what do i have to do exactly?
I don't think anyone added EZ-flash-V to the list. It doesn't work as well, got the, "thanks for playing screen."
I used the one from masterbleach it works fine but with multiplayer with a friend it says error after playing a while could someone please explain that. we both have R4 and the same patch and all. and it can,t be out of reach cause we were standing next to each other.
How come if use any link with rapidshare on it always say that there's an error, and file can't be found? Please help. I just need to get rid of that MoD, so that I can finally play undisturbed... lol!
About that, works patch with that dslazy?
The link from masterbleach is working fine and blu7e this is the correct site : Http:// 9624299/R4_M3_Simply_Cheat_and_Bug_Fix_b y_Rayder.rar