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Full Name 2107 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 66.8 MB
Region USA
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i don't know why this game have so much underrating... yeah, maybe for many people, this game is not as good as other FF games, but for me, it's not. personally i dont really like the 4p turn based games, so, this is much more better. it's a sand box game, and we're free to play all 4 player on the game. the story itself is good, had a feeling to it, and it's replayability is also good cause we can try many different equipment. one of my fav NDS game.
Played this way back with my sisters. Boy that was fun! Loved the multiplayer!
Well To people who really got it to work... Tell us how. As for how far you can do without loading, i got 2nd dungeon boss. thats my limit. 0 out of 0 people found this comment useful
I cant save to this game please help:( when im going to said it said that saving is complete but still the slot has no data...:(
I'm running 1.18 and it is not a force french but not correct english please a solution for r4 im 1.18
this is a very fun multi-player game i made it to lvl 85 and then my friend relized there is a sequil (final fantast echos in time). the quest in this game are realy fun my favorite is glateator you get it around lvl 55 there is about 7 hours of game play for campain and endless multiplayer.the graphics are not to good.the yuke take damage way to easy and i always fall trough the floor when im the archer characters there are four classes (they made clavat over powered strait up attack. this game was a 4.5/5 stars intil i played the sequil then it was 2.9/5 stars. every charater has their ups and downs but for me Yuke have 1 up and countless downs. old town is the worst map i think. p.s. maps are very anoying and bosses are easy i die more doing the temple than bosses
This is by far my fav game on the ds!!!! i finished the game last nite and no problems at all. EXCELLENT gameplay (better than normal FF games) and i love the storyline. I highly recommend this game
the best thing to do about this game is to try out cause iv had that probz with my r4 cards as well but iv just checked this link and it works perfectly no more screens sayin thnk u for playing and it is in english and use version as well so happy playin :)
just update your cheat from r4ds .com I played to last dungeon
Just get the Japanese version :p I got it and I don't know any Japanese and managed to get to the final dungeon
hahahaha suckers i got the full game at hope it helped and i download nds roms for my ttds and no problems i have 2 ttds so i play with my brother
I already finished it