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Full Name 2036 - Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney (U).7z
Filesize 40.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Nice guys... im able to play my favourite game
Pleeeeeeaaase don't tell me that's Phoenix... Pleeeaaase...
it looks like a good game but can someone say who is that guy? i mean i played phinex write and this look's like it is could somebody tell me? and it seems like a good game
does this game have parts???????? when i downloaded it, the .rar has a part file...
this game is defenetly a 10 out of 10. the use of both the magatama and the braclet. the ending turnabout succesion(or heir to turnabout) keeps players at their post(or where there playing) playing for hours with the use of a system that lets you see both present and past.
This game is definitely the best in the Phoenix Wright series. With a serious of encapsulating twists and dramatic revelations, Apollo Justice will have you completely hooked from beginning to end. Every turnabout case is intertwined and ultimately builds up to a teriffic final episode, where you can explore and discover mysteries of both the past and the present. Overall, the game rates ten out of ten.
I love Phoenix Wright games, but I gotta admit that this is my favorite out of all the Ace Attorney games. Doesn't have the cool chains, but still, the bracelet's pretty fun. And the storyline is rather interesting too, seeing as how every turnabout are somehow interconnected. I'll give this eight out of ten.
Pretty cool
is this newer or older than ace attornity investigations?
still more into phoenix wright series though. but maybe im gonna love this sooner or later, just not used to it yet :)
great! love romulation! thanks
no apollo. want phoenix back. just it.