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Full Name 2002 - Professor Layton and the Curious Village (U).7z
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Region USA
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a fantastic game for all ages. solving puzzles to uncover a mystery. some puzzles you cant do and take ages on the others are so easy you can do them in a click. a long fun entertaining game. very addictive
is this game dutch?
Grrr... This game is so hard I had to go to gamefaqs for every puzzle, so I deleted it from my card before I got 1/3 of the way finished.
Professor Layton and The Curious Village The Professor Layton franchise was one I had largely avoided on the Nintendo DS, and I decided to break my duck by giving the Curious Village a go. The first thing to be said for this game is that it's presentation is flawless, right from the get go. The art is a mixture of quintessential English countryside, French flair and surreal Japanese anime styling. It all comes together to create a visual masterclass that draws you in right from the initial car journey. The gameplay is simply riveting and will provide you with an experience you aren't likely to see from any other gaming franchise on any platform. Simply put, Professor Layton and the Nintendo DS is a marriage made in heaven - the puzzles are by and large brilliantly developed (despite some niggling wording with some puzzles; a "camera and case price" puzzle springs instantly to mind.) and there's never a moment of confusion with the controls. The enveloping storyline is also excellent - a solid murder and mystery investigation - but the core of the game remains the puzzle aspect. Overall, this franchise - along with Brain Training, Mario Kart, New Mario Brothers and one of the Pokemon games - is the staple of the DS platform. It's a shame that there's a lack of games of this quality on the DS overall because a few more like this one would make the platform a truly indispensable part of any gamers collection. RATING: 10/10 - For what this game is, it's sheer perfection.
ok well let me have a try on this :D
doesn't work on mine. I can get to the part after the guy lowers the drawbridge and do the 2nd puzzle but then there are no arrows so i cant move. can anybody help me?
I really enjoyed this game! The puzzles were a lot of fun, taught me how to think about problems differently. I enjoyed the clips alot, as well as the voice acting. The setting was friendly but creepy, which was perfect! It really got me into the mood. :D I recommend this for everyone, young and old~
good game so is the diobolic box just finished both games very good
pandoras box is pretty cool, but i haven't got this one
Brilliant, nice puzzles, great graphics, excellent story. Plus, there are side puzzles for completing various things along the way.
Spoilers for those who didn't play this yet,The Golden Apple Is The Baron's Daughter Flora
cooooool game a love it sooooo much it hard and intersting game