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Full Name 1968 - Advance Wars - Dark Conflict (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 37.6 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



in this advace wars you can play online with friends or other players!!
lol this isn't english it is french I am lucky because I speak french, I'm from canada.
Best turn based strategy game ever.
english version is much better cause you can understand it!! LOL
is their any AR cheatc with the download?
No matter - i fixed it: it was a firmware problem with the NAND-Card (sorry, im kinda new to this :3)
DS TT having some trouble loading the game, it works sometimes and not others, but when it is working I'm addicted, great game but if war goes on for over 30 days kinda sucks ! JAmie
yep it is the best turn base game. too bad there aint no neo tank is this one. that was madly strong
Wat is the order advance goes in
Which land is this Marcro land or cosmo land?
U guys should try fire emblem sometimes o-o is same type of game same maker, but then medievil style ^-^
It is English. Anyways, I love this game, but I recommend Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon over this, because of it's story and it's online play surpasses that of this game. All it's missing is the map editor :(