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Full Name 1704 - Mario Party DS (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 20.0 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



will it be good game for an instant nine year old like me? my cousin said it was excellent game but i dont quite belive him :-(
Great game, soap surfers is awesome!
it is really really cool!!!! 98/100
Multiplayer function is very nice, single game card Awesome game: 9/10
Good Game!!!!! 9/10!!
good game for a while. Fun mini games good for playing with friends assuming the Rom supports DS download play and wireless play with friends
funny cool funny cool funny cool its a good game thanks
dobra hra daan 8/10
Skillzone:your skills = fail ... but anyway, this game is so boring to play it alone.It is a major let-down it doesnt have the Wi-Fi compatibility.I mean, i dont know ANYBODY who owns a DSi like i do ;) too bad,since DS has the best RPGs on the planet.Meh,whatever... i want more jump'n'run games though. But back to Mario Party - it realy gets boring quite fast.
I would give this game a 7.5 out of 10 maybe a 8 it is a very good game I suggest you at least download it and give it a chance! :D
thanks a lot