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Full Name 1242 - Pokemon Perl-Edition (v05) (G).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region Germany
Can Download No



This game is good. But i downloaded Pokémon Platinum, that one is much better, and you've got there some cool extra's.
played loved it!
Is Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond the same? I've got Pokemon Diamond so I don't know whether to download this or not! Please someone help!
why german :(
i know german i want to know if it has got cheats
cool game
german nah dnt like my nabur tale why not dutch .:( or better Russian(L)
Ohhh, sweet? German? Coooool. =) I'm actually using this to learn german. << >> Since I know most the text in Pokemon Pearl from English. =)
Everyone, don't download this unless you are German, I learn German, but i'm not ready for this test lol :P
This game is mad
I want english man...
Then you have to download the english rom stupid hoe
German language