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Full Name 1089 - Dekitayo! Mama, Otokonoko (J).7z
Filesize 3.5 MB
Region Japan
Can Download No



I had no idea what this game was going to be when I downloaded it, since I can't read Japanese. But I gave it a shot anyhow. It seems to be a game where you (in the diagrams, you're the boy's mother) record your boy's name through the mic on the DS for him. Then, you help him out playing various young-kid level games - things like jigsaw puzzles, find-the-five-differences, a toy train set, a music-making program, etc. You can save up to three different children's names (two boys and one girl) and each has their own file to save their high scores. It was really cute, but since I have no kids and I'm older than 6, it wasn't for me. ^_^"