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Full Name 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
Downloads 306629
Can Download No



Hey Juxtajulie, did you use Pokemon Diamond with cheats???? (Maybe that's why it froze.)
It freezes before i can even finish the first battle...
I have this game for the real nds its cool and has better graphics then prev gen games Pokemon diamond AND pearl both have the same level of graphics there is a day and night system in Pokemon diamond and pearl just like Pokemon silver ,gold ,crystal. There are some differences between diamond and pearl such as different Pokemon may come out at different times or may become more or less chance to see them. if you do decide to download either Pokemon diamond or pearl BUY THE GAME IN REAL LIFE as the creators spent a long and hard time making them. and thats my review sorta :)
Very crazy stuff I like it
It's an AUS rom.. not a USA one.. Really stupid >.>
The battles are very slow and time consuming, even after you disable the attack animations. ruby/sapphire was twice as fast. Platinum fixes this problem, so get that instead.
Ooo, a hack called Dark Diamond is out at gbatemp. New storyline and interesting changes.
@ jezzadog go to iron island (you can go there by boat from canalave city), and then fight together with a partner called riley, when you ve made it to the end, he/she (not sure) will give you an egg of a riolu and a riolu will evolve into lucario @ dylank Yes @ Busrange because you use WinRAR Archive to OPEN the file and make it a .rar file, that's normal
How do u get a lucario, i really want one.
When i kil the starly at the beginning of the game it freezes for about 3 mins and then resarts, iv tried re-downloading it about 7 times and it doesnt work still, im using the latest version of no$gba. can anyone shed some light on my situation email me at reaperboy\[email protected] if you can help, thanks
I hate this game and I have always hated the pokemon games. I downloaded this to see if it would change my mind but it didn't. Last pokemon game I'll ever play!!! 1/5 Stars
This is a pretty good game, but no one cbb training pokemon and after yu beat the elite 4 yu can THEN migrate. Whats the point?