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Full Name 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



How do you get this to run? I'm stuck at Winrar...
does it have hacks yet?
is there cheats
I tryed pokemon diamond, pokemon platinum,pokemon pearl.I do not know why it is not working maybe it is the NO$GBA.Maybe you should try it.
@santilosabetodo obviously
i don't know why, but the emulator keeps slowing down when the player starts walking!! please help, I'm a retard!
the game keeps freezing at the end of the first battle
Realy cool game i wanted DS for this game and i have the real one too so it's too awesome game if you love pokemon! (BTW i found a way to edit everything in pokemon games XD yup even moves)
This looks kinda good but I think that platinum is way better!
Palkia might be stronger but i think that dialga looks way cooler.
This game is the best and its even better if you use cheats!!!!!
do you have to make a file on this game first for the cheats to work? thanks.