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Full Name 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
Downloads 306767
Can Download No



I heard about a file that i can download to make it save properly is that true?
Maybe you turned off the power when you are saving the game
Pokemon Diamond is kinda cool. But is not very different from Pokemon Pearl version. Don't get me wrong, this game is still awesome :D
Way to go with pokemon continuing the series. Who knows when they'll stop? haha
It is true this is a GREat game for the NDS, but there are still many other games out there getting as well. But dont get me wrong this game is pretty cool. =D
I think this is awesome! I mean, after 11 years of Pokemon (12 technically, in 2008), we get a new generation with many new pokemon! This was the reason I bought a NDS. Playing it with R4 now...
Hmm... Pokemon Diamond is pretty cool, Honestly it would have been better if the evolutions were not so ugly (no offense but i find lickitungs evolution pretty ugly, Oh! and I hate Regigigas)
I would have to say that this is likely the most awesome game ever. It is my honest opinon that this is the reason the DS was made, and I thusly think that it is really one of the few DS games worth playing (and its only nominally different cousin Pearl as well)...