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Full Name 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U).7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
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I only liked this Pokémon game for some reason =__=
I loved Diamond, seems to be the only Pokémon game I can really love as well.
whats the difference between pokemon pearl and diamond version?
This game is pretty awesome- for being around for like, 6 years. It introduced a whole generation of Pokemon. Great download! Runs smoothly on DeSmuME, and on my R4.
hay dose any one get cheats for the game when they download it
Indeed the best game for the DS now that pokemon heart gold SS are out they took pokemon D/P/Pt's place...though comparing from the first seasons I think pokemon is getting a bit serious...with both anime and games...
yeah we all know that now there is Pokemon heart gold and soul silver it is way better than diamond instead there is ho oh and lugia
does any body know how to save/re load the saved game for later?
@jonwcho Depends if i could answer but what flashcard do you use i could reccomend edge download the latest version then it should be working
My game dosen't work when I save it and then turn off the power and go back on (BTW I have a DSTTI) it goes through smoothly until I want to load my saved file... then it hits me... it says: Communication error and then something about union room and click "a" and I do... then the screen goes white and nothing happens! can someone help me?
This question is for all those little buggers like me who love to put in the time and effort to find out what types of cheats are there in this download? I am asking this becasue I downloaded the platnum version and think the cheats for finding shiny pokemon are horrible mostly because if ther pokemon is oinly found in a cave or on water then you can get shiny version with the platnium cheats. Oh and I highly reccomend the pokemon series to all ages and nationalities, I love you japanese dudes for inventing this craze.