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Full Name 0820 - Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Justice For All (U).7z
Filesize 9.9 MB
Region USA
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Amazing game. It's a puzzle-logic game, and it probably has one of the best storyplots that you'll ever find it games. Ever. I recommend not just this game, but the whole Ace Attorney series.
Only a foolishly foolish fool will not like this game ;) .
Objection!! That first screenshot is of Trials and Tribulations! *desk slam* She says that to Bikini on the first day of that trial!
PW:AA was the game that made the DS worth buying. By the way, is this the 2nd or 3rd game?
a tip, at the end of the game, (not a spoiler) DONT MESS UP because the bad ending is harsh to watch... :\ but still GREAT game and i really recommend you download it (i even bought a copy the day after i tried it)
On my NO$GBA, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright both don't work. It says it can't read the cart.
OBJECTION! it comes out on the 19 of february!
i,don't know but i think it will come out on march
when is ace attorney investigation miles edgeworth going to come out
Best Phoenix Wright game I've ever played!
wow it's very similar to time hollow another good game