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Full Name 0696 - Jump! Ultimate Stars (J).7z
Filesize 40.4 MB
Region Japan
Can Download No



Guys, look at the previous comments. People have already posted legit 95% ENGLISH translated nds file versions, already did the patch work too for us. I want to thank those who did because I don't see anyone else doing so. So thanks for those who are sharing with us.
Try this pathed ROM
awesome! the only thing i wait for is the kyuubi naruto.
Would it work if we Changed the (JAPAN) to an (USA)?
@ Un4goten_Syn i downloaded your version but when i play it the screen just goes white i have an r4i-SDHC
my brother would laugh at me all day if i brought this.... he thinks its for dum people if they dont know japanese. but dont care!!
love this game!secend best game on my r4
hey side text has english and works 4 dstt 1.17 ,a whatever i'm playing it w/ naruto goku asking girl to mary him ,etc! someone talk back >igotit
can somebody help me i want english version
there is an english one. me and my cousin complete the game ages ago.
theres non english one, so sad