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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
Filesize 10.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This game is great, but for me the minigames dont work
This is for all the R4DS users. This game might not be working for you, but i found something that helps. This is a third-party R4 menu that i found. It allows you to play New Super Mario Bros. and Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story. I've been using this menu for over 2 weeks and nothing wrong has gone with it for me. All i can help you with is that it allows you to play these two games and maybe any other games you've had problems with. It also has new and improved cheats for you use. I will not be responsible for any other problems you might have. Here is the link:
great mario game
A fresh remake of the good ol classic super mario! Simply delightful and entertaining, 9/10 with excellent graphics, music and gameplay. Very fun to have new enemies with a tune for music:) The way the jump when the music is atuned..must have for every NDS player. One of my personal favourites by far
I had it before but lost it so I am gonna get it again!!
ryan189 1. Extract the game with WinRar 2. Copy the Nds file to the game folder of your flashcart, or emulator whatsoever.
it's so awesome especially how you go giant
how to go to world 4 and 6???
u have to beat the 3rd world castle really small you have to beat it the tiny mushroom
how can i play the worlds 4 and 7,because when i completed the third world at the time pass inmediatly to the world number five and i dont know why
this game is da best
Is this like super paper mario???