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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
Filesize 10.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This is the type of game to just have on your Flash cart. Its fun to play at some points, but certain aspects of the game make it less playable. Overall, its a must have for any mario fans, but unless you use emulators or have a large flash card, this game wouldnt be at the top of my list.
Wii version: sounds cool i like using cheat codes on this game(bad grammar/english on purpose) this 1: my fav part:mario VS. luigi (they both like pie(haha Just Kidding))
It's a pretty good game, you feel transported to the nes
Another collection for my NDS mario games!. This is so fun to play. :3
hands down my favorite ds game ever!
mario is the coolest
I will waiting for the next mario bros (i hope they will release the newest one)
found a fix if your game freezes when entering "Minigames" menu/mode/whatever. When the rom is loading (it says "Loading" :) ) PRESS AND HOLD THE "A" BUTTON! it fixed my problem of freezing. It works for every other game (Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ,never froze again. Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days works like a charm). !NOTE - i own a R4i GOLD - NOTE!
I think this game - best platformer on DS
This game is great with multiplayer. Its really fun.
Exelent Game, Nice Grathics XD
There's a bug with the minigames in this... (WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!) I don't want to support another rom website, but download from rom-freaks.net worked perfectly. Please have the fix :)