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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
Filesize 10.4 MB
Region USA
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great game would recoment to friends :)
This is a great game and has loads of hours gameplay in it. Its a good choice for the casual and serious gamer and will keep you playing for a while.
This is a really good game. As always graphics is amazing. Game play is brilliant. However could be improved. It needed more story in it. This is supposed to be the 'New' mario bros right? Story video only at the end and begining? come on. Very good game but needs more story. Now some of you may say its just the old version updated for the DS. But when it says 'New' I expect 'new'. Good game highly addictive. But needs more story. Rating: 9/10 Overall: Great game worth having. But needs more story. Would of got a 10 if it had a bit more story.
this is a great game but is 2 easy at some points and the original is still the best but i think the wii version comes fairly colse in challenging wise
I would not recommend this game to veteran Super Mario players, but people new to the scene would probably favor this, as it has flashier graphics and is far easier.
This game is too easy. The Wii version is better.
Tis game is so esy, I love it! I got to world 8 in 4 days!! my brro. is asking 4 it al the time
hi i love this game. its so addictive
I play it, get bored of it, then like it again
To huanunes to get to world 4 and 7 all you have to do is beat the last boss on that leval as mi ni mario, simpal as that.
i love this game, but i still don't know how to get to worlds 4 and 7. it's a pretty great game, a classic!
This is game is great. It retains the simplicity of the original Mario series. Game design is amazing. They have retained some music, sound tracks, and sounds (like the "click" of the fire power) and so on. So if you like Mario, this you will love. Graphics are amazing. Gameplay is even better. A must have.