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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
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Region USA
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this game is very fun and totaly awesome,this game is heavenly
i havent realized the goodness of this game my brother loves it, and im planning to step in and try the game.
--New Super Mario Bros-- Every gamer knows about Mario. The Italian plumber and his brother Luigi was the "Hulk Hogan" of console gaming back in the days of the NES/SNES. They return in an "old skool" outing for the DS and, despite some flaws, the game succeeds in providing a credible continuation of the series. Several new features have been chucked in - such as "Giant Mario". But overall, this game is notable in how close it has stuck to its roots. It's quite simply a side-scrolling platformer with a high degree of polished simplicity. There's no pretention on show here. And perhaps that's a good thing. Mario was always a hit with gamers for its gameplay, and this version doesn't disappoint here. The depth of the game is good, if not massive. Graphically it's sublime - it's the Mario experience we all know and love. The controls are beautifully incorporated into the DS's strengths, with the stylus area allowing the storage of power-ups if you already have one. If there's one fault, it's perhaps that for experienced gamers it's a bit bland now. Such classic platformers as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Banjo/Kazooie have come and gone and extended on the Mario concept - this game doesn't learn from these improvements and it's a shame that it didn't add a bit more three-dimensional aspects to the play. But Mario is Mario - you'll get what you expect here, and it's a very worthy addition to your DS collection. RATING: 8/10
New Super Bros is really fun!!!!!!
Then ending you get for having it 100% complete is disappointing.
@ potatoos doesn't it ask you if you can save after you beat a castle?
Hey all, How do you save the game? My game can't be saved, and I have to restart from World 1-1 every single time (T_T) Thanks in advance for your help.
Well, since I can't find it anywhere and I cant get in the forum.. Is there still any fix for the control problem for No$GBA?
@Reycom.ROFL works fine on my ds didn't need to update firmware or anything even though i already had it ROFL LOL
my mom loves this game ahahahaha i had to download it for her now she wont give me my DS back ahahaha,i love it!
i dont like it so much. But now is new super mario wii releast . and i love that more then the hole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!