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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
Filesize 10.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I LOVE THIS GAME !!! Im totally addicted to it and you must have it !!
Good game i could play it over and over
This is an awesome game its worth getting
This game good?
Frickn sweet!
Its basically a remake of the NES mario game, but its way better :D!!!
Sorry if my english might not that good: Mario games are so fun, kid friendly...etc But its kinda boring specially when u cant complete a level & If u had already finished it. But I like it's minigames specially when u play with your friends using Wi-fi connection. But I like Mario Kart DS better its not that boring: Missions, Grand Prixes, Time Trials, Unlockable Characters, Cars & Nitro & Retro Courses. It's more fun if you go race with your friends with Wi-fi connection.
I think that this game does wonders for the Super Mario community. Beautiful graphics, gameplay and mini games, this game is a definite must for any Mario fan!
Thx now I have the mario bros.! i was gonna get mario party but who cares
Do the mini-games work on this version? I downloaded a different copy of the US 0434 New Super Mario Bros. and it worked fine, but when I clicked on mini-games, it just froze. So do they work on this version?
I love this game, but when I finished it, I got bored.