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Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
Filesize 10.4 MB
Region USA
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The only Mario title to have the AWESOME Mario vs Luigi mode.
Great Game :) Kid-friendly and fun! But it gets BORING over time if you can't beat a level or you already finished it. I like the mini-games.
The graphics looks so real. There should be more stage bosses.
Damn it, this game is definitely one of the best. I love it. The mix of 2-Dimnesions and 3-Dimensions are so great. Only the controls a bit heavy and I had to work it out. But at the end it works great. For me is it a 9 of 10.
Great game, pretty difficult though A little tip for anyone who might need it: World two Level 4 or whatever it is called, there is a part with a kind of 'staircase' near the end of the level, and a green turtle walks down it, wait till the turtle is on the third step from you and jump on it, put down your DS. Mario will continue jumping on the shell untill you get 99 lives hoorah! By the way this isn't a cheat, just an easter egg.
I love this game. It's great. Will there have New Super Mario Bros. 2
this is an amazing game and very addictive but when you finish the game and re play it it gets boring
I cant wait playing this its kinda fast to download too
i have just one thing to say,the NES super mario bros is better this was disappointing
this game is good for all ages and is extremely addictive. sometimes it may get boring but if you wait a bit after it is so much fun. i reccomend it 9/10. it is super!!!!!! my sister adores this game and it is fun because every 10 minuates she plays on it i get some chocolate!!!
A quick review on the game. Its not a suprise that this is the most grossing NDS game ever! It is colouful, vibrant and purley amazing. YOu can play it over and over yet you can finish it in under a day. It is the perfect game.
This game gets boring after beating it one time.itried playing it a second time around and i never get that feeling because i get bored as soon as i start, so how is this a classic the nes super mario is better to play i played it more than this game. 0 out of 0 people found this comment useful