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Full Name 0201 - Mario Kart DS (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 13.1 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



What a game my kids love this well done thay will give me a shown up
Woot i missed this game thank you :)
Very good game reminds me of wacky races great game to download
Great game
This is a Fantastic game. Very fun and challenging.You have to hold the top right button and press left and right constantly to powerslide.
What a game but i cant do a powerslide :(
What a game but i cant do a powerslide :(
One of my fav. ds game..
Great game , especially in multiplayer
The best Mario Kart in the series, better in my opinion than the Wii version. Fantastic slick controls and seamless play. Pure simple fun.
When i first played it wasnt english and i still cant make it english!