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Full Name 0201 - Mario Kart DS (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 13.1 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 102869
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wat a brilliant game yet again from nintendo not meaning any disrespect to ea
I love playing multiplayer with my schoolmates and we do no team 8 player vs games for 45 minutes on the trot. Every one says im good cause no one has scored more points than me in the year weve been doing it! Thanks for uploading it ! :)
Haha i like ths game :) thanks for uploading the eu version
Mine is plain english..rather strange...i don't need any changes either so i don't mind. also, i think u can configure the language in some menu
I bought it b4 i got m3, nd now i can get 2 copies...wicked! BTW it asks u some language stuff at da beggining if my memory serves me well.
I fink it depends on wat language ur ds is set do :P
Do you know which language this game has?
The game doesn't work on my tt card
This's one of the best Racin gams EVER! It's got great weapons and tracks
9/10 this game has some classic tracks and some new tracks it has the classic weapons aswell if you look on gamespot you can look at some cheats like unlockables and stuff
The game is exellent nothing to say (: